Neashore Tag It tags are now available for purchase online!  No longer do you need species specific tags.  With these green tags you can tag Ulua/Papio (various species), Oio (sharp and round jaw bonefish), Moi (pacific threadfin), Kaku (great barracuda), and Kahala (amberjack and almaco jack).

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As of 7/17/2017

85 taggers reported 298 tagged fish.  Species included white papio/ulua, omilu papio/ulua, barred papio, yellow dot papio, sasa or menpachi papio, kagami papio, oio, kaku and kahala.  Charles Cintron, Christopher Lewis, Erik Parubrub and Ladd Yoshimura each released a 41 inch white ulua to tie for the biggest fish so far. A papio is designated as an ulua if it is 25 inches in fork length or longer.

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