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Tag It is here to work closely with fishermen to develop scientific understanding of fish that supports effective management strategies for nearshore, bottomfish and highly migratory pelagic marine species in and around Hawaii.  Join the ever growing number of responsible volunteer anglers who now catch, tag and release fish in Hawaii.

Starting in 2007, Pacific Islands Fisheries Group (PIFG) has been building the foundation of Tag It as a volunteer-based tagging project, similar to the once popular DAR Ulua Tagging Project.  The goal is to utilize “One Tag” across a number of species, thereby eliminating confusion caused by multiple projects.  The ”One Stop, Tag Shop” concept hopes to streamline requests for tags & tag kits, data collection and tag recovery monitoring.  The data will be used by scientists to improve understanding of these species in order to provide the best management options available.

Tag It now includes tagging and data collection of Ulua/Papio (various species), Oio (sharp and round jaw bonefish), Moi (pacific threadfin), Kaku (great barracuda), and Kahala (amberjack and almaco jack).

Join now to help collect critical independent fishery information while promoting conservation of our precious fishery resources for future generations. Fish Today for Fish Tomorrow!

Purchase your tag kits and tags for distribution and use in Hawaiian waters here.