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Ever wonder where papio go during the winter “off season”, how long it takes a moi to get to “legal” length or how healthy the nearshore fish stocks really are?

We all have our theories but community-based tagging can help us obtain a much deeper understanding of

  • Movement/migration and habitat patterns of ulua, papio, oio, moi and kaku
  • Growth curve information from recaptured fish
  • Size distribution of fish caught and/or released by fishermen
  • Stock distribution based on the numbers of fish tagged and recovered

It may surprise some people, but fish are better off actively managed by fishers than left to battle their threats of habitat change, development, invasive species and over harvesting.

The ultimate goal of Tag It is to promote conservation and management of the resources while still providing for the needs of the recreational, commercial and subsistence fishers of Hawaii.

Tag kits will be available for online distribution in the near future. Thank you for your patience.