About Tag It

Starting in 2007, Pacific Islands Fisheries Group (PIFG) has been building the foundation of Tag It as a volunteer based tagging project, similar to the once popular DAR Ulua Tagging Project.  The goal is to utilize “One Tag” across a number of species, thereby eliminating confusion caused by multiple projects.  The ”One Stop, Tag Shop” concept hopes to streamline requests for tags & tag kits, data collection and tag recovery monitoring.  The data will be used by scientists to improve understanding of these species in order to provide the best management options available.


  • 2007 through 2015 – Deep 7 bottomfish tagging project (tagged over 9,000 deep 7 bottomfish)
  • 2012 through 2013 – PIFG team members tagged 3,000 oio
  • 2014 to present – Ahi Tagging (conventional and PSAT tagging)
  • 2016 to 2017 – Striped Marlin Tagging (conventional and PSAT tagging)
  • 2016 to present – Nearshore Volunteer-Based Tagging of the main papio/ulua species (omilu, white, papa, sasa/pake, kagami, barred jack, and paopao), kahala (amberjack and almaco jack), oio (round jaw and long jaw), moi and kaku.

Tag It has had tagging experience throughout the Hawaiian archipelago and in the Pacific including Guam and Saipan. Much of the tagging work has been done through working partnerships with fishermen and the fishing community

The Tag It project is here for the community and will be here for the future of our fishery. Join Tag It today to support science, conservation and stewardship of our marine resources.