Successful Kona shibi tagging trip

The PIFG team headed to Kona in early July 2016, on a day where the winds were howling everywhere else.  The water was flat calm in Kona and the yellowfin and big eye were biting.  The team tagged 25 small to medium sized shibi up to 15 lbs.  Most fish were in the 5 to 7lb range.

yellowfin about to be landed
yellowfin about to be landed
Measuring shibi
yellowfin's fork length being measured , note the towel used to cover the fish's eyes to calm it down
tagging the yellowfin
yellowfin being tagged on the side of the second dorsal fin, note jig used to catch one of the larger fish


releasing the yellowfin
one of the smaller yellowfin about to be gently sent back