Mililani Middle School Fishing Tournament

April, 28, 2012

Event: Mililani Middle School Fishing Tournament
Location: Haleiwa, Alii Beach Park
Time: 11:30 am to 4:00 pm
Total: Participants 40-50 people
The Mililani tournament was great for a first time
event. Tracy Momohara did a good job. Each of
our categories (Barbless Circle Hook, Ulua Tagging & Oio Tagging
had 17 anglers sign up.  It look like more participated,
as not everyone may have signed up for a category.
Only a few fish were actually weighed in, one aholeahole
and two moana (both same weight). All the kids that
participated won something. Each of the category people
were given polished tiger cowry shells and kukui nut lei’s
made by the students.
Barbless Circle Hook: Kurt had a number of fish caught

on barbless hooks, most were catch and release.

Ulua Tagging: We had one papio 9″ tagged & released

and another caught and released but to small to tag. PIFG

gave away 7 prizes. (One winner and 6 participants).

Oio Tagging: No oio caught or tagged. Kimberlee did

not show up. She sent a grad student who is working
on her PHD studying oio. She was asking Richard for
information on the PIFG Oio tagging project for her

work. Richard told her sorry no.

Next year Tracy plans to include to more schools in the
area. I talked to him about the fishermen’s pledge,
Lawaia fishing program and scholarship program. He didn’t
know we were doing all of that and liked it all. Wants
us on board next year and to come out and talk to the
whole school (1,200 students!). When he said that Kurt
looked at me and said now what we getting ourselves into.

PIFG attendance: Billy Chang, Richard Beebe, Kurt Kawamoto, Clay Tam