Lawai’a Vision

Lawai’a Magazine Mission Statement

To perpetuate our fishing and seafood traditions and lifestyle.

In ancient Hawaii, the fishermen, the hunter-gatherers, were held in high esteem because they not only provided food for the entire village, but were responsible for maintaining the resource. Today, the once noble fisherman has somehow become vilified. Modern fishermen are painted with a broad stroke and are often portrayed as being greedy and irresponsible, among other things.

This is simply untrue. For most fishermen, the spirit of Lawai’a remains close to their hearts. In an island environment, Lawai’a is more than just about fishermen. It’s about family cohesiveness, passing on traditions and values to new generations and community.

Lawai’a:  Expert fishermen, craftsmen, scientists, managers and sailors who understood and practiced balancing fish conservation and utilization. Lawai’a were solely responsible for taking care of their own fisheries, being sure there was an ample supply of fish for the generations to come.

The goal of Lawai’a magazine is:

  • To create an attractive, informative and entertaining media resource.
  • To urge people to fish responsibly, helping to ensure a Sustainable Fishery for future generations.
  • To introduce a human aspect to fishing, focusing on the practitioners and presenting a positive, more realistic view of Hawaii’s fishermen.
  • To showcase Hawaii’s thriving seafood industry.
  • To promote good stewardship of the resources through public service.

Please keep up the good work!