Lawai’a Magazine

Lawai’a Magazine – “To perpetuate our fishing tradition and lifestyle”

As Hawaii’s only glossy fishing and seafood magazine, Lawai’a Magazine showcases Hawaii’s fishermen, our working fishing, marine and seafood communities and our local seafood through stories written by Lawai’a’s knowledgeable writers. As its vision statement says, Lawai’a focuses on the positive aspects and perpetuating our fishing traditions and lifestyle. Pacific Islanders are world renowned orators, perpetuating their history through the art of story-telling, song and dance. Lawai’a’s talk story type articles are fun and easy to read while conveying pertinent and often timely information about our natural resources.

In essence, Lawai’a delivers a resourceful publication that contrasts the negative image and stereotypes of today’s fishermen that, over the years, have taken a toll on our fishing community. Lawai’a is a high-quality publication designed for anyone whose interests are in learning more about our unique fishing traditions and seafood culture.

The magazine can be found through stores throughout the state of Hawaii.  Lawai’a Magazine is produced and published by the Pacific Islands Fisheries Group.

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