Keiki Koa

A Beginners Guide to Taking Your Keiki Fishing!

Purpose of Booklet

The Pacific Islands Fisheries Group (PIFG) participates in many ocean and fishing festivals and events each year. At many of these of outings, parents tell us that their kids want to try their luck at fishing but have no idea where to start. To help these first-timers get started, we’ve decided to put this simple kit together that tells you what you need, where to go and what you should think about before you venture out to the beach.

There is no right answer, so relax. Fishing in Hawaii is very diverse. This makes sense given the many species that live here and the different fishing equipment used to catch them. Fishing techniques ranges from hand poles, spears, traps, nets to rod and reels. This kit will introduce you to a simple hand pole technique which uses monofilament line with baited hook and sinker. It’s the perfect place to start with young kids. This booklet will provide you and your kids with opportunities to succeed on several levels – check it out!