Cooperative Research

PIFG cooperative Research

PIFG supports research programs that rely on active fishermen participation. These programs build relationships between the fishing community and fishery scientist and mangers.

They help fishermen better understand fishery management and conservation programs, processes and goals. Cooperative research include angler based tagging, gear development or modification and collecting samples for scientific studies.

Under the Cooperative Research Program (CRP) PIFG facilitates involvement of commercial and recreational fishermen in the collection of fundamental scientific

fisheries information to support assessment of fishery resources, development and evaluation of management and regulatory regimes.


Hawaii Bottomfish Tagging Project:

If you recover a tagged bottomfish, call 265-4962 Be prepared to provide the following critical information:

1. Your name, address, and telephone number.

2. Capture date, island, and fishing location.

3. Tag number.

4. Fork length – measure from tip of the nose to “V” in the tail.

5. Species – “The Deep 7”…Opakapaka (Pink Snapper), Onaga (Longtail Snapper), Hapuupuu (Hawaiian Grouper), Ehu (Squirrelfish Snapper), Kalekale (Von Siebold’s Snapper), Gindai (Brigham’s Snapper), or Lehi (Silverjaw Snapper).

Reward: In return for your valuable information you’ll receive a free special edition T-shirt featuring an original artwork (seen above) by artist and fisherman Mike Sakamoto.