Nearshore tagging training session on Oahu

Clay Tam, Tag It Program Coordinator, took Scott Haraguchi, Tag It Program Administrator, out for some tagging training.  Scott was using "rubbah hooks" on his Shimano Waxwing and had three (kaku) barracuda shake off.  Clay's go-to surface lure stuck an 11" (fork length) omilu and a 17" kaku and missed a larger papio and some kaku also.

Both fish were carefully tagged and released.

tagged omilu 7-29-16







tagging kaku 7-29-16





kaku w tag in it 7-29-16

Yellow dot papio tagged during the Tokunaga Challenge 2016

yellow dot papio - tokunaga 2016Dominique Zarders, one of the female taggers in the Tokunaga Tagging Challenge, caught this 10 inch yellow dot papio, gently inserted the green Tag It tag, took this gorgeous photo, then quickly released it. Let's hope it's recaptured as a yellow dot ulua!

Papio Tagging Video

Oldie but goodie. Stay tuned for 2016 Papio tagging video.

Ulua/Papio Tagging to kick off at Tokunaga Challenge June 9 - 12, 2016

Tagging Challenge

PIFG, in partnership with the S. Tokunaga Store and Shimano America Corp, has brought back ulua and papio tagging in the State of the Hawaii by reintroducing the Tagging Challenge in the 2016 Tokunaga Ulua Challenge tournament. As the first major local shoreline tournament of 2016, the Tagging Challenge provides tournament participants the opportunity to demonstrate resource conservation and contribute fisheries science. It is a privilege to have Shimano America Corp. as a proud partner in launching the Tagging Challenge as they have actively demonstrated their commitment to fishing and sustaining our fishing culture and traditions for the future.

Tags and 150 tagging kits will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. So be sure to sign up early. Prizes will be awarded during the 2016 Ulua Challenge awards ceremonies.