Bottomfish Heritage Project

The Pacific Islands Fisheries Group and NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center are creating an oral history of the Hawai’i Bottomfish Fishery to explore how the culture, traditions, and fishing techniques for the Hawai‘i Bottomfish Fishery have evolved over time and to ensure sustainable management for future generations. Interviews of fishermen will be conducted to document the bottomfish “family tree”, traditional knowledge, techniques, adaptations, culture, and traditions.

Bottomfish fishermen Leonard Yamada being interviewed by PIFG interviewer Bob Moffitt.



June 5, 2017

Click here to read Pacific Islands Science Center Blog’s post about the prevailing rough ocean conditions Kauai’s bottomfishers face on a regular basis.

May 25, 2017:

Here’s an update from the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center Blog, on how the interviews are going.