Sub-surface Waxwing produces in murky water

white on WaxwingThe water was debris-filled and murky a day after a steady rain.  The fish couldn't see the top-water lures so the Waxwing, running a few inches under the water attracted this 16 inch white papio. It was safely tagged and released.

16 inch white papio hits Waxwing in off color water

white on WaxwingThis was caught a day after a steady rain left the inshore waters murky and debris filled.  This white papio must've been looking to ambush prey in the off color water but bit into a Waxwing Boy instead.  The Tag It admin measured, tagged, revived and released the estimated 3lb fish.

Successful Kona shibi tagging trip

The PIFG team headed to Kona in early July 2016, on a day where the winds were howling everywhere else.  The water was flat calm in Kona and the yellowfin and big eye were biting.  The team tagged 25 small to medium sized shibi up to 15 lbs.  Most fish were in the 5 to 7lb range.

yellowfin about to be landed
yellowfin about to be landed
Measuring shibi
yellowfin's fork length being measured , note the towel used to cover the fish's eyes to calm it down
tagging the yellowfin
yellowfin being tagged on the side of the second dorsal fin, note jig used to catch one of the larger fish


releasing the yellowfin
one of the smaller yellowfin about to be gently sent back

Kaku caught on top water lure

tagged kaku with JDM lure - blurredScott Haraguchi, Tag It Admin, caught this 17 inch kaku with  a Japanese top water lure in 2 feet of water.  The lure was removed and the fish swam away strongly.

Nearshore tagging training session on Oahu

Clay Tam, Tag It Program Coordinator, took Scott Haraguchi, Tag It Program Administrator, out for some tagging training.  Scott was using "rubbah hooks" on his Shimano Waxwing and had three (kaku) barracuda shake off.  Clay's go-to surface lure stuck an 11" (fork length) omilu and a 17" kaku and missed a larger papio and some kaku also.

Both fish were carefully tagged and released.

tagged omilu 7-29-16







tagging kaku 7-29-16





kaku w tag in it 7-29-16

Fishing Means Food - We are against the fishing ban in the "Monument"

Fishing Means Food.  We are a coalition of chefs, local fishermen, business leaders, farmers, and organizations that support continued fishing in the proposed expanded area of the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument.

Learn more by going to the Fishing Means Food website.

Yellow dot papio tagged during the Tokunaga Challenge 2016

yellow dot papio - tokunaga 2016Dominique Zarders, one of the female taggers in the Tokunaga Tagging Challenge, caught this 10 inch yellow dot papio, gently inserted the green Tag It tag, took this gorgeous photo, then quickly released it. Let's hope it's recaptured as a yellow dot ulua!

Papio Tagging Video

Oldie but goodie. Stay tuned for 2016 Papio tagging video.