Big Island omilu tagged










Carrie Asuncion and Charles Balucan submitted these photos along with their tag data.   Beautiful, healthy omilu sure to be ulua when they're recaptured.

Thanks guys!


12.5 inch omilu tagged and set free on Big Island

Dominique Zarders has sent in another beautiful photo of a tagged papio about to gain its freedom.

Please send your photos along with tag registrations using the Tag Registration Upload page ( and we'll try to use the picture on this website and in Lawai'a magazine.

Thanks for tagging!

Moi eats live oama and gets tagged!

Thad Nakajima used a live oama to catch a 14 3/4 inch moi at night on the south east side of Oahu. He carefully tagged and released it.  Thad had released a legal moi earlier this year, not knowing Tag It includes moi.  This is the first of hopefully many Tag It moi.

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Big Island Winter time omilu

jorden-zarders-omilu-12-17-16Don't put away your shorecasting gear just 'cuz it's winter.  Jorden Zarders proves still got big papio within reach, tagging this 20 inch omilu in the middle of December.

Kauai Bottomfish Community Meeting Nov 29, 2016


On behalf of PIFG we would like to thank our partners from NOAA PIFSC Dr. Annie Yau and Dr. Chris Boggs and all the fishermen who took the time to come last night's meeting.  Special Mahalo to Teete from Cheifess  Kamakaheli Middle School on Kauai for her assistance in providing the meeting venue.

We had a great discussion on the science and fishing side of the Kauai bottomfish fishery.  We hope this will assist scientists in providing a better understanding of our bottomfish fishery.


Nearshore Tags a big hit at the Fish and Dive Expo 2016

tag-it-booth-1From Clay Tam, PIFG's Hawaii Fish and Dive Expo Exhibit Coordinator

"On behalf of PIFG, I would like to thank our family of volunteers for your valuable time in making this event a great success. We could not have done it without each and every one of you.

We did well for the first time distributing tagging kits and tags. In addition to the 18 kits sold we passed out 2 volunteer shibi tag kits for small ahi.

We also distributed a gotag-it-booth-2od number of just tags to those who had tagging kits from other projects and were willing to join PIFG's Tag It. Lawai'a had a strong showing on Sat. that tapered a bit on Sunday. There was strong interest in subscriptions and people were also looking for past issues. We realize it's been some time since the discontinuation of the DAR Papio and Ulua Tagging Project so we're happy to see that there's still a lot of enthusiasm for a new tagging program!

Of course we cannot forget the visit from our friendly Expo dinosaur, Brandon!

Big Island Ulua Tagging

Christopher Lewis, using tako legs and a 14/0 hook, landed this 41.75 inch GT.  Listen to the ratchet peel.  Love that sound!

Mahalo for tagging and sharing the awesome video Christopher!

Top Water Omilu tagged and released

eriks-omilu-on-sideErik Parubrub fished top water lures and took advantage of the water in the bottom of boat to keep this 11.5 inch omilu comfortable while tagging.




He  released this 12 inch omilu shortly after.



26.5 inch omilu tagged and released

Jordan Zarders with omiluJorden Zarders caught this Big Island omilu and placed the Tag It tag perfectly at the base of the second dorsal fin. What a beautiful, lit-up omilu about to taste freedom.